An Invitation to Participate in The Virtual Poetorium For April 26th, 2022…

Dear Readers,

I am very pleased to announce that we will be producing an April edition of the Virtual Poetorium this month (to be posted on the Poetorium website on the evening of the 26th) with long-time Poetorium regular and founder of The Poets at Large Poetry Word reading series in Connecticut and Massachusetts, Karen Warinsky, as our featured poet. Once again like I did in previous months, I’d like to once again open up April’s Virtual Poetorium for anyone who would like to participate and extend an invitation to all my fellow bloggers and faithful readers (or just anyone just happening to be reading this) to be a part of our unique online poetry gathering in print.

To be part of our virtual open mic this month, please send us one to three of your own original poems or stories (under 2000 words altogether please) either in a Word document file or pasted in the body of an email along with your name, any opening remarks you care to make, and where your poem has appeared if it was previously published to by Friday, April 22nd. Also if you like, you can send us a photo of yourself to be posted above your poem, but that is totally optional.

We also will need contributions to this month’s Poetorium Group poem. Even if you were a long-time Poetorium regular, you still probably wouldn’t remember way back in July 2019 (when the Poetorium poetry readings were still live) that we rewrote the classic Wallace Steven poem “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” as our group poem. Well, this month, we will be once again using that classic poem as a template, but this time we’ll be substituting the word “dandelion” for “blackbird”. So, to participate, please send us one to eight lines containing either the word “dandelion” or “dandelions”. Your contributions (which like always will remain anonymous unless otherwise requested) will then be numbered and compiled into this month’s group poem which will be tentatively entitled “Different Ways of Looking at a Dandelion”. Once again, the deadline to contribute will be Friday, April 22nd.

If you have any questions about submitting to the virtual open mic, the group Poetorium poem, or anything else about the Virtual Poetorium itself, please leave them in the comments of this post, and I will try to answer them right away.

Thank you so very much for reading, folks! As always, I really appreciate everyone’s continued support of this blog, and hope to hear from you soon with your contributions to this month’s edition of the Virtual Poetorium!

10 thoughts on “An Invitation to Participate in The Virtual Poetorium For April 26th, 2022…

      1. Thanks Paul here is my short contribution 🙂

        The dandelion’s feathers
        have already flown
        their offspring rise
        and lean towards the sun
        peeking over wild grass
        sunbeams – everyone.

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