An Invitation to Participate in the Two-Year Anniversary Edition of the Virtual Poetorium…

Dear Readers,

I am very pleased to announce that we will be producing our second-year anniversary edition of the Virtual Poetorium this month (believe it or not, we first started doing the virtual version of the Poetorium in March 2020) featuring the popular Central Massachusetts-area poet and musician tommywart (aka Tom Ewart). Once again like I did last month, I’d like to once again open up this March’s Virtual Poetorium for anyone who would like to participate and invite all my fellow bloggers and faithful readers (or just anyone just happening to be reading this) to be a part of our unique online poetry gathering in print.

To be part of our virtual open mic this month, please send us one to three of your own original poems or stories (under 2000 words altogether please) either in a Word document file or pasted in the body of an email along with your name, any opening remarks you care to make, and where your poem has appeared if it was previously published to by Friday, March 25th. Also if you like, you can send us a photo of yourself to be posted above your poem, but that is totally optional.

In spite of the extremely low amount of interest last month, we will also have another go at putting together another Poetorium group poem this month. The group poem for March 2022 will fittingly be Spring-themed. To participate, please send us one to eight lines starting with the phrase “Spring is…”. All contributions (which will remain anonymous unless otherwise requested) will be compiled and included in this month’s Virtual Poetorium Group Poem. Once again, the deadline for submissions is the night of Friday, March 25th.

If you have any questions about submitting to the virtual open mic, the group Poetorium poem, or anything else about the Virtual Poetorium itself, please leave them in the comments of this post, and I will try to answer them right away.

Thank you so very much for reading, my friends! I really appreciate everyone’s continued support of this blog, and hope to hear from you soon with your contributions to this month’s edition of the Virtual Poetorium!

16 thoughts on “An Invitation to Participate in the Two-Year Anniversary Edition of the Virtual Poetorium…

    1. Hi Paul,
      Forgive me if I misunderstood, had you wanted me to do a reading? If so, my apologies as I did not understand and ask your forgiveness for not appearing! Should I ever be chosen again, I’ll make sure and find out the details in advance.
      Also, I’d like to make a slight – 716.2 mile correction please? I live in Southport, North Carolina. Unfortunately, I’ve never been to Connecticut, being a Southern girl and all.
      Again, my apologies if I messed things up.
      Gypsie (Ami Offenbacher-Ferris)


      1. Hi Gypsie,

        I think I am the one who should apologize for the misunderstanding. About 3 years ago,, we did have an actual live reading in Southbridge, Massachusetts called the Poetorium at Starlite. Once COVID hit and we were no longer permitted to meet due to health restrictions, we started doing an imaginary reading in print instead in the form of transcipts (of these imaginary poetry events which attempted to recreate the original ones) which we post on our website which we call the Virtual Poetorium. Does that seem to make sense at all? I know it’s pretty confusing.

        Also please forgive me for saying that you were from Southport, Connecticut, and not Southport, North Carolina. Thank you so much for bringing this mistake to my attention. Since then, I have corrected it online. in this edition of the Poetorium.

        Thank you once again for participating, I do hope you enjoyed reading your poem as well as the other poetry in this month’s Virtual Poetorium.

        Please take care,


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      2. The photo prompts? Yes, I guess though there are no deadlines involved with them, and the poetry you write from them (if you do happen to) does not neccesarily need be sent to the Poetorium (although people have). They are just meant to help inspire people write some new poetry and it is up to you to decide what you want to do with the resulting poems. They are a part of our monthly Poetorium Photo Poetry Prompt Project, and I will be sending out a new batch of five photos in a week or two.

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