Grand Little Things…


I am not sure about you, my fellow poets, but when sending out my poems to literary journals for possible publication, I have always seemed to have a far easier time getting my free verse poetry accepted than my form poems for some reason. Until recently, among numerous publications,  only five of them have been my form poems ( three steetbeatinas, a haiku chain,  and a ziggurat, a poetry form I invented which I have yet to discuss on this blog). So I am so pleased to announce that last week I have had another two more published in a brand new online publication called Grand Little Things. Instead of me trying to tell you what this great new publication is like,  this is how the editor and publisher Patrick Key describes it in his own words on the About page of the publication’s website:

“Grand Little Things is a journal that embraces versification, lyricism, and formal poetry that focuses on anything, be it the expanse between the minutia of everyday life, to revelations on how we got here or why we use a thing called language. Grand concepts like spirituality, reality, existence are welcomed. So are little things like emotions and human relationships. Or maybe you write about nature?  GLT wants to read all formal poems, be they grand like the sestina or little, like the couplet. GLT caters to formalistic, stylized poetry, but it is welcome to invented/nonce forms as well. Heck, as long as there is a strong sense of versification – does the poem sing? Is the imagery vivid and serves a purpose? Does the poem have meaning? Or does it do away with such concepts? – it will be considered…’

If you are so inclined, please read my two poems published on GLT here and let me know what you think. The first “My Personal Poultry Apocalypse” is a pantoum, a Malaysian verse form popularized by French poets in the 19th Century and the second  “Hated by Horses” is a quartina, a variation on the sestina, but using a set of only four end words instead of six. What makes this publication even sweeter is that these two poems are from my new chapbook “The Farmer’s Son”  for which I am currently looking for a publisher. It seems that my first choice mandates that at least half of the poems of any manuscript submitted must be previously published, and with GLT’s publication of these two poems, that quota has been met and I can now send my manuscript on to them. Yay! And while you are there, be sure to check out all the great formal poets and poems they have published so far, and seriously consider submitting yourself! Like me, I am sure you will be happy that you did…

12 thoughts on “Grand Little Things…

    1. Thank you so much, Jen! I really appreciate that.
      And thank you so much for letting me know that the link wasn’t working. I went back to fix it and I think I got it working now….☺


  1. Thanks for the tip about Grand Little Things. I’ve saved it in my Evernote file of places to submit. (I have some tanka with a hankerin’ to be heard.) Congratulations on the publication of your two poems! I loved both of them. The form used for “My Personal Poultry Apocalypse” gave it such an off-kilter, humorous feel.

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    1. You are very welcome, Liz. I do hope you submit, I bet GLT would be a perfect home for your tanka. And I am happy that you liked my poems. The pantoum with all its repetition is a real fun form to play with.😀

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